Credit Card 0%

Most of have maxed our credit cards this Christmas, so how do we get this
debt under control and manage our finances during 2014.
During this month a war will break out as credit card firms scramble to offer
the longest 0% balance transfer deal in the hope of picking up your custom, we
currently owe some £57 billion on plastic, that’s a lot of money, so the next steps
1.  When your statement arrives don’t ignore it, make a plan on how to pay it back.
2.  Don’t just pay the minimum repayment, make the effort to pay more.
3.  If you have one or more cards make sure you pay the most expensive one first
4.  Switch your credit card, transfer your balance to a card with an extended
      interest free period on the balance.
      see the 0% Offers below:


• Longest 0%: Barclaycard 30 months with a 2.89% fee.
• Low fee long 0%: Lloyds 24 months with a 1.5% fee.
• Lowest fee: fluid 12 months with a 0.75% fee.
• Long term low rate: MBNA with a 6.9% fee.
• Shift overdraft too: MNBA 29 months with a 2.89% fee.
Remember ! with this type of 0% it is important that you try to pay off
   the amount borrowed by the end of the deal so the loan is free. otherwise
   you will pay 18% or more on the remaining balance.

5.  Make sure you do not miss payments dates.

6.  Don’t get stressed if you nee further help  talk to Citizens advice bureau or a
debt advice charity that offers help for free.

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