Money Saving

How to save up to £1960 during 2014 through
The iSaved Money website.

1. By switching your credit card to a 0%
balance offer, saving you £316 ( see the offer’s)
2. Energy, by moving your energy to the
best online fixed dual fuel tariff you could
save up to £350 the cheapest being  with
First utility’s iSave Fixed v14 July 2015.
3. Car Insurance, don’t just take your renewal offered
by your current provider shop around
this can save you up to £500
4. Television, Phone & Internet, if you bundle
these 3 services together you could save
up to £600 compared to paying for them separately.
5. Make sure you pay your energy provider by
direct debit if you pay by any other way it is
costing you £114.00
6. Home Insurance, if you can pay your provider
a one of payment instead of monthly
direct debit then this can save you £77.00

All of the above savings can be made through
the iSaved Money Website. check them out!


The Top Tips For a Fraud Free Holiday.
1. Check whether the company is a member of a recognised trade body
such as Abta. you can check their membership at
2. Never pay directly into an owners bank account.
3. Pay by credit card.
4. If something sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. 


Are you struggling  with  Debt Problems/ Credit Cards/

Most of have maxed our credit cards this Christmas, so how do we get this
debt under control and manage our finances during 2014.

During this month a war will break out as credit card firms scramble to offer
the longest 0% balance transfer deal in the hope of picking up your custom, we
currently owe some £57 billion on plastic, that’s a lot of money, so the next steps
1.  When your statement arrives don’t ignore it, make a plan on how to pay it back.
2.  Don’t just pay the minimum repayment, make the effort to pay more.
3.  If you have one or more cards make sure you pay the most expensive one first
4.  Switch your credit card, transfer your balance to a card with an extended
      interest free period on the balance.
      see the 0% Offers below:


• Longest 0%: Barclaycard 30 months with a 2.89% fee.
• Low fee long 0%: Lloyds 24 months with a 1.5% fee.
• Lowest fee: fluid 12 months with a 0.75% fee.
• Long term low rate: MBNA with a 6.9% fee.
• Shift overdraft too: MNBA 29 months with a 2.89% fee.
Remember ! with this type of 0% it is important that you try to pay off
   the amount borrowed by the end of the deal so the loan is free. otherwise
   you will pay 18% or more on the remaining balance.

5.  Make sure you do not miss payments dates.

6.  Don’t get stressed if you nee further help  talk to Citizens advice bureau or a
debt advice charity that offers help for free.


There are many ways to keep warm this winter, we have listed 10 ways of staying warm.

1.  Buy an ONESIE : (The all in one suit)  2. Loft & cavity wall insulation ( Many companies offer Free or reduced offers)

3. Energy Supplier ( see if you can switch to a cheaper supplier)  4. Close Curtains ( this keeps your heat in )

5. Turn down your thermostat by 1- 2 degrees.       6. Turn off Lights (save money, too many of us leave lights on).

7. Radiators (fit reflective panels against the wall)  8. Gaps (fit draught – excluders to windows and bottom of doors)

9. Bed Time : Go to bed wearing socks, draw the curtains, use a high tog duvet and use the old tried and trusted Hot Water  Bottle.

10. During the Day : Thermal socks and Underwear/ Woolly Jumpers / Wear a Hat./ Vests.

So Lets Keep Warm this Winter.


Save up to £500 per year (£40 per month)

Get a Water meter Installed.
The amount of single or married couples living their property paying
full water rates is amazing, l have just checked out my water rates
and l pay £79.00 a  month, l checked with my water supplier they said
l could change over to a water meter (No Charge) saving me around
£40.00 per month. Wow!.
You can change back at no cost within 13 months, its a no brainer
they even send you a fitting to put into your shower head to help
save you more money.
So if you are like me ( Kids have grown up, no need to use water that
l am paying for) change over and see how much you can save.
You have 13 Months to change your mind.Just find out who is your
water authority and give them a ring.



Earn Extra £££

Ways of earning extra cash, Sell on Auction sites, try using eBay,
Gumtree, or Preloved, some people earn £10,000 a year buying
cheap and reselling the items.
Cash in Old Jewellery
Rent Out a Room: you can earn an extra £3000 – £4000 a year you can
find a Lodger through www.spareroom
Claim back Cash:  check you are in the right council band and claim a refund also check if you have been mis-sold PPI.
Loans: try yo arrange a short term loan with a friend or family, don’t be
embarrassed to ask its better than going to a payday lender.


How to save up to £300 – £400 per week on your Hols 

Buy before you Fly:
Sun Lotion, first aid kits, bikini, Lilo, insect repellant. all cheaper hereby some
Depart on a different day:
You can slash up to 35% 0f your flight by departing Midweek.


Get Travel Money in UK:
Do not change money at the airport.
check out who is paying the best from travelmoney or money saving expert.


Parking / Travel insurance:
Look around for travel cover and special deals on airport parking.


Make use of Freebies:
Make sure you take more of that breakfast food in the hotel for later in the day
will save you a bit of money, most Brits do it. buying packed lunches from
supermarket can save up to £60 for 4 


Discount vouchers:
check out local discount vouchers from tourist magazines for great discounts
on tourist attractions  also check on local restaurants for money saving off deals


All this can save you a small fortune.


Save Money On 0870 / 0845 /0871 / 0870 Numbers. see the list

Companies are making large amounts of money charging you to phone them  on these 0870 / 0845 numbers and we have found the alternative way round it. All you have to do is take a note of the 0870 number you have been asked to phone then go to and put in the company name or the 0870 number and click search and it will come up with the alternative Land Line number, saving you the extra expense.

if you have switched broadband , mobile or home phone you might
be due outstanding credit which could amount to a lot of £££
So during the last 6 year’s have you.

Moved Home Or Changed your provider

Switched provider on Broadband/Mobile or Home phone,
could be all 3 together.The Likes of BT  automatically give refunds back,
but some providers don’t, they wait for you to ask them.
( Don’t Ask Don’t Get attitude) the likes of Three,Talk Talk,Primus.

See below for the companies that don’t offer any credit and if you have been
with one of them then give them a ring You Never Know.
phone the number and say you are inquiring about any outstanding credit
on a previous contract ( if you have agreement numbers that’s even better)

Sky : Automatic : Yes since 2012.  call 0844 2414 141
Plus net : Automatic : No        call  0800 432 0200
VodaPone: Automatic : No    call 0870 070 0191
Primus : Automatic : No         call 0800 036 3839
Three  (3) : Automatic : No    call 0843 3733 333

Remember 0800 are free, o870 / 0845 numbers  can cost up to 11p per min

let us know how you get on just email us at

Check your Energy Provider.
New fixed costs are a better deal now than before
see Energy Saving category or

get quote

Save up to £278 per year:
On TV/Phone bill/broadband
Just need to phone one number.
see News for more information on how to save £278 saving
Or phone o800 840 5366 mention ‘ i saved money’

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