The Risks of Not Having A Will.

Without a Will:

  • Your unmarried partner will not benefit from your property or possessions at all
  • Your spouse or civil partner may not inherit all of your property and possessions
  • The family home may have to be sold to distribute your estate according to the law
  • Your estate could end up going to those you did not wish to benefit
  • The Court will appoint Guardians for your children under 18 – they may not be people you would have chosen
  • Children from a previous marriage may not receive anything at all
  • You have no control over who administers your estate
  • The administration of your estate can become more complicated
  • Your funeral arrangements may not be as you would have wished

When there is no Will, strict inheritance laws called the Rules of Intestacy apply. These rules dictate who can administer your estate and who can benefit.

An incorrectly written Will further complicates the administration of your estate and can be completely ineffective. Ensure that you get professional support to guarantee your Will is effective when you are gone.

Make sure you get the right will for you as everybody has different circumstances, Get Professional help.

Make sure you check out Lasting Power Of Attorney commonly known as ‘ LPA ‘ as this gives protection against ‘ CARE FEE’S ‘

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